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Welcome to Tamperco
High Efficient, Affordable and Quality Assured Tamper Evident, Security Labels and Brand Protection Holograms in the market.

Untitled Document We are working currently on our product database, for ordering please email us at sales@tamperco.com or call 619-743-0813 so we can process orders or samples immediately

We are a leading manufacturer and specialist of Security Labels, Tamper Evident Films and Authenticating holograms in the industry. Tamperco offers a cost effective personalized solution to the needs of a great number of industries and applications. You could choose among our holographic custom stickers to avoid counterfeiters from copying your product and protecting your brand. Our hologram labels are fully customizable and you could use it on your products, documents and other products!

With the increased rate of counterfeit products in the market, let Tamperco help your company's brand by creating the best Security Labels that let's your company stand out from the counterfeit product. Let our security solutions combine high technology on film materials, adhesives, consecutive serial numbers, bar-codes, special inks and other materials to produce a product which meets your security and budget requirements.

Providing since 2003 customers with an extended range of products designed to beat counterfeiters and prove product identity, control and restrict access for aircraft and specialty equipment with non-residue security label technology. Over 14,200 clients around the globe cannot be wrong; including top 500 INC companies, government agencies and military bases.

You can't count on product forgery to decrease. But you can count on Tamperco to combat tampering, counterfeiting, retail theft and fraud with the advanced technology necessary to outsmart loss at the lowest cost possible compared to any other security measure available. Our Security Labels ensure product authenticity by providing tamper-evidence is of primary importance to both retailers and manufacturers from almost any product in the market.

International orders? no problem! Tamperco exports daily worldwide at the lowest cost of shipping available in the market with ensured delivery. We are holders of a government issue DHL account with up to 80% discount shipping fare and that cost is passed to all our clients.

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Is your product protected against tampering, counterfeiting, retail theft, piracy and fraud?

If not, we are your missing link and we can provide your company with the right solutions at affordable prices. Request a free sample pack today and find out how you can protect your products. Product counterfeiting has doubled in the last five years.

Currently it accounts for approximately 7.2% of world trade, or an astounding $340 billion. And the numbers are expected to rise.

Lowest Price Guaranteed...

We know we offer the highest quality tamper evident labels available in the market at the lowest price that if you find anything comparable for less money we ship you 500 seals for free including shipping*
(Just email us the ad)

Is that enough guarantee ?

*Excludes any JIGS Inc. company