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Dissolv ID® Labels
Dissolves completely in water of any temperature. Both label and adhesive are biodegradable
and FDA compliant. Labels are durable in cooler and freezer environments. Place label above
the condensation line of the container. Avoid steam and condensation directly into the label,
otherwise it will dissolve.
Some features include:
No Adhesive Residue -Label and adhesive completely dissolve in any water temperature in under 30 seconds

Environmentally Safe -100% biodegradable and FDA Compliant for indirect food contact

Autoclavable-Labels resist exposure to steam* at 121°C

Temperature-resistant -Storage at room temperature to moderate freezer temperatures

Laser Printable -Labels readily accept laser printing for quick and labeling of laboratory containers

Ideally Sized -Fits a variety of bottles, flasks, beakers and other laboratory containers