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Reflect ID Labels

Need to scan from a distance? Reflect ID is a retro-reflective polyester filmdesigned to reflect light back to its source, which make it ideal for long-range barcode scanning applications, including:

  • Warehousing applications, including warehouse shelf labelingand material tracking. The retro-reflectivity of Reflect ID makes it possible to scan large items in a stack and products on the top shelves.
  • The two-year outdoor durability of Reflect ID makes it ideal for labels used for tracking vehicles as they drive through tollbooths, or as vehicle gate access labels. Reflect ID can be scanned at high speeds, making it ideal for these applications.
  • The high retro-reflectivity and eye-catching appearance of Reflect ID make it useful for variable information signage and markerswith barcodes that must be scanned at night.
  • Reflect ID contains a thick adhesive that adheres in the pavement. Ideal application for marathon route marking.