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Tamperco Distribuitor Program

Actively looking for new Distribuitors to join us troughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

We are the most reliable and quality concious security label manufacturer in the U.S. Our internal team will do everything possible to earn the trust you and your clients deserve and keep you satisfied with quality products and extraordinary customer service in the years to come
Why become a Distribuitor?
  • 100% Order accuracy
  • 100% Quality guarantee
  • On-time delivery (24 hour shipping)
  • Can work Just-in-time
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Free test materials
  • Free consulting
  • Free artwork proofs, and the best
  • There is absolutely NO COST or FEES involved to become a Distribuitor
What is the Distribuitor Program?
  • Our Distribuitors get a volume discount rate based on the monthly sales form 10% up to 30%
  • We offer the highest rates in the market
  • Our Distribuitors have 30 days credit automatic
Who are our Distribuitors?
  • Packaging and fulfillment companies
  • Label and commercial printing companies
  • Logistic and distribution companies
  • Advertising and direct marketing companies
  • Audio and Video duplication companies
  • Security device retailers
  • Electronic manufacturers
  • Print brokers 
Want to apply?
Please contact Simon Bielaz at simon@tamperco.com or call at 619-743-0813
We will send you more information and required agreement.