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Tamper Evident Labels

We provide a complete line of tamper-evident security seals. Made from top-coated chrome polyester film with an underlying VOID pattern. When the label is removed, the VOID pattern underneath remains. The label cannot be reused or resealed.

Destructible Labels

Customize our holographic security labels. The prismatic effect of the hologram increases visibility and deters forgery.
Choose from five different holographic styles, and add your text and/or logo in up to three different colors (first color free).

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Additional Label Solutions

Made of vinyl material that tears apart easily. Once applied to a surface, destructible tape cannot be removed in one piece.
The strong adhesive and easily-fragmented material means that it is difficult to remove the entire tape; pieces are left behind.

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Since 1997, Tamperco has designed and produced a wide range of tamper-evident and high-security seals for every industry and for multiple applications.

We ship internationally with door to door expedited service.

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