TamperVoid@ - Partial Residue - Metallized

The purpose of using tamper-evident labels is to obtain visible and physical evidence of possible manipulation. All tamper evident labels printed with your company logo, continuous numbering, barcode, or other desired text.

These silver polyester labels are digitally printed (not thermal transfer) which allows for crisp, clean company logos as well as consistent, reliable barcode scans.

The .001″ thick clear polyester overlaminate film provides additional protection from abrasion to the barcode and text while the .002” thick permanent pressure-sensitive based acrylic adhesive ensures a strong aggressive bond to most low surface energy plastic and metal applications making the labels work as great as they look.

These polyester labels are in compliance with EU Reach and RoHS directives and can withstand application temperatures of +50F and fulfill a service temperature range of -40F to +302F. Perfect for asset tracking or tagging electronic components or textured / powder-coated metal surfaces, this resistant durable polyester label is most often used for indoor applications such as work in process or mild outdoor applications where abrasion is limited.

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