Tamper Evident Security Holograms

Holographic Seals and Security Stickers are polyester labels that are tamper-evident and come in combinations of colors and release residues.

Security Stickers are a great option to protect not only someone’s product but also the brand itself. Making the Security stickers a holographic seal enhances that even more, the elegant look and attractive colors can be used as part of the marketing and branding. A holographic Seal is not always used as a security sticker, it can also be applied for authentication purposes such as the case of coins and collectibles or IDs, while it will not be sealing anything the holographic and tamper-evident sticker are ideal because they cannot be removed or transferred without the trace of tampering.

Holographic Seals are a type of security sticker that can be customized with printed information, such as company logos and serializations. This could be considered a second layer of protection.

The microprint and the holographic strip add extra authentication. This certified product will add security and authentication to any product.

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